Dropshipping Agent: What It Is & How To Find One?

Dropshipping Agent: What It Is & How To Find One?

Over the years, people have been looking for different ways to make money and with the rise of technology, many grabbed the opportunity to sell goods online. You can see a multitude of sellers offering products that cater to different kinds of consumers on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. E-commerce is not going away soon and will likely grow more in the next years which is why it is a great place to start your business.

But how can you be successful in building an online business if you have no idea where to get your products? Or where to keep those products? If you are at loss, there is one way to simplify your online retail business.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model wherein the retailer does not keep any stock of the products and, instead, they hire a third party to handle the purchase and shipment of goods. It is a great method for those who are looking for a more convenient way of managing an online business. Since most products are being sourced from China, you would want to avail the services of a dropshipping agent to help you out.

What is a dropshipping agent?

A dropshipping agent is a person or company acting as your middleman for your dropshipping business. They act on your behalf in sourcing products, finding reliable manufacturers and suppliers, managing inventory, shipping goods, and other order fulfillment services. They are a one-stop shop for your business. They will handle all processes regarding order fulfillment while you focus on other aspects such as marketing and promotion.

Isn’t it the same as a sourcing agent? While a sourcing agent also sources products and manufacturers, not all of them offer a wide range of services unlike a dropshipping agent. With a dropshipping agent, their services goes beyond sourcing products and manufacturers.

Why should you get a dropshipping agent?

A dropshipping agent makes the lives of online retailers easier. Who wouldn’t want to work without worrying about handling different aspects all at once? There are so many advantages of availing the services of a dropshipping agent such as the following:

  • Sources better products. A great dropshipping agent knows where to get the best products from their extensive list of manufacturers and suppliers. They can also get you great quality materials at a price that will not break the bank.
  • Inventory management. Dropshipping agents and companies usually offer warehousing for your products and with that, they are also responsible for inventory. You don’t have to worry anymore about products being out of stock or excess stocks.
  • Fast delivery times. Consumers repeat their purchases from a seller if the seller can deliver their orders fast. One of the advantages of a dropshipping agent is that they know what shipping method is best for each country and which can send products to your consumers as soon as possible.
  • Quality control. Consumers only look for the best quality products and a dropshipping agent will guarantee that your products are topnotch. They closely monitor the production and shipment processes to ensure that the quality of the products are maintained until they are shipped to the consumers.
  • Pricing agreements. If you do business directly with a supplier, product prices may vary day by day which can be a problem for business owners who don’t have the means to adapt with every sudden price change. With a dropshipping agent, there will be no unexpected changes as the agent will inform you beforehand if the prices will be raised.
  • Knowledgeable on new trends. The tastes of consumers change occasionally which can be difficult to track especially if you are doing other things. A dropshipping agent monitors what products are trending and even upcoming trends which are noteworthy.

Running a business is hard and if you are new to the industry, it can be quite confusing. Getting a dropshipping agent is a great asset to have because it will save you time, money, and effort. It is a cost-effective solution and lets you focus on growing your business. It also gives you flexibility so you can change suppliers if you need to if things are not working out with your current one. With an agent, you have a dependable partner that will help you every step of the way until you find your success.

What should you look for in a China dropshipping agent?

Most online sellers source their products from China because of the low costs they offer. China is considered as the world’s manufacturing hub because many factories there produce different types of goods. The massive labor force allows them to generate goods in bulk, making them the preferred manufacturing country. But since you are dealing with a foreign manufacturer or supplier, you definitely need the help of a dropshipping agent in China.

Here are some criteria on what you should look for in a China dropshipping agent:

  1. Experience. Your dropshipping agent in China should be experienced with the Chinese market. Experienced agents already have an extensive list of reliable manufacturers and suppliers. You only need to lay down your prerequisites or demands in order for the agent to find the most suitable choice. They should also know the laws and regulations to avoid places with poor working conditions.
  2. Language proficiency. When getting a Chinese manufacturer or suppllier, it is only logical to get a dropshipping agent in China who is fluent in Chinese and English. They should be able to communicate and relay messages clearly to the manufacturer in order to meet your goals accurately and on time.
  3. Customer service. Consumers like great after sales support and that is also true with dropshipping agents. Some unforeseen problems may arise such as wrong item delivered or delays in shipment and your agent should be able to resolve these issues immediately.
  4. Fulfillment process. Does your dropshipping agent have the right fulfillment process for your business? Do they offer the complete package and handle everything themselves? Some dropshipping agents and companies offer additional services such as custom packaging for e-commerce businesses. Others also offer store integration services to fulfill orders in real time.

There are many dropshopping agents and companies out there that offer the same services which can be difficult to find the perfect fit for you. Shortlist potential agents and research about them before making a decision. Interviewing them will also be a big help to determine whether their services are what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of a business is to be successful and to maintain that momentum. But this can be very difficult especially if you are a one-person business. You can get overwhelmed with different tasks and fulfilling orders that you might end up not finishing any work at all. This is where a dropshipping agent can help you out. They handle most of the hard work from sourcing to production to shipment, making your business easier to manage from your own office. Since dropshipping agents are usually based in China, they can locate manufacturers in no time and inspect products until they are shipped to your consumers.

Don’t shoulder all the burden when running your business. Instead, use the services of a dropshipping company like Lansil Global to help you out. With Lansil Global, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling your orders. We store your products in our warehouse in China and we make sure that your products reach your customers in no time and with great quality as well. Best of all, we offer our services at a rate that will not hurt your pocket.

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