Why Should You Consider Working With a Trading Company in China

Why Should You Consider Working With a Trading Company in China

Throughout the years, the emergence of the e-commerce industry has proven to be an excellent avenue for budding entrepreneurs. E-commerce allows entrepreneurs to make money by selling their products online and reaching a wider audience. Most people are shopping online nowadays because it is more convenient for them and there are so many products to choose from.

Since the competition among sellers in the e-commerce landscape is getting tougher with new sellers sprouting left and right, you need to improve your business in all aspects to keep it running smoothly. Unless you sell handmade products, online sellers usually source their products outside the US, particularly in China.

Why source in China? They are the world’s largest manufacturing country with the lowest costs. Any products that you want to sell can be sourced there. While this is a common practice already, sourcing products overseas also poses a huge risk. Probably the number one problem is finding a reliable manufacturer or supplier. Frankly, you can’t do this on your own unless you have sufficient knowledge and skills. But if you don’t know where to start, you will need to get the help of a trading company.

What is a trading company?

A trading company provides services for businesses that are looking to source products in foreign countries. It handles all procedures and processes regarding importation and also other services that may be beneficial for the client.

  1. It has an extensive list of manufacturers and suppliers. Trading companies that are in the business for years already have built a list of reliable manufacturers and suppliers with whom they can connect with their clients. They will find the most suitable depending on what products you are looking for.

  2. It will handle negotiations. When the trading company finds the right manufacturer, they will handle the price negotiations based on your budget. As much as possible, they will try to keep the costs low without sacrificing your preferences in production.

  3. It erases the language gap. Because you will be dealing with a foreign manufacturer, you need to find a trading company that is fluent in both English and Chinese. Your demands must be communicated clearly to avoid confusion and mix-ups.

  4. It allows you to purchase in smaller quantities. Companies sometimes face a problem of overstock which means that they acquired too many products and were not able to sell them all. To avoid this waste of money, a trading company allows you to get a lower minimum order quantity or MOQ due to their good working relationship with a manufacturer.

  5. It oversees quality control. Since the trading company handles the production and shipment processes, it is also their responsibility in ensuring that the quality of products is well-maintained from start until the end. If there are issues with the quality, they will send it back to the manufacturer for replacement.

Is there a downside to working with a trading company?

The only downside of working with a trading company is that you will have less control over the production and shipment process. But that shortcoming is overpowered by the advantages. That won’t also be a problem if you know how to look for a reliable trading company. It can be said that finding a dependable trading company is as important as finding the right manufacturer or supplier.

When getting a trading company, you have to research the company and whether its sourcing agents have sufficient experience in the industry. To ensure that you will get your money’s worth, you should partner up with someone who knows their way in and out of the Chinese market. The sourcing agent should be able to comply with the different laws and regulations of China to avoid unnecessary troubles and they should also avoid doing business with shady manufacturers and suppliers. The right trading company should value their client’s preferences and be able to deliver your expected results.

Hiring a trading company provides more benefits than not– it’s just a matter of whether you choose someone who understands your business and is committed to helping you achieve your goals. There are practically no downsides to working with a trading company because it eases a large portion of how you do your business.

Get Started Now

It’s never too late to get what’s best for your business. If you are in the e-commerce industry and you want to keep up with the demands of consumers, partnering with a trading company is a great investment. But since many trading companies offer their services to businesses and companies, you need to find the one that will be worth your money.

Lansil Global is the perfect partner for your business. We are a one-stop-shop trading company that guarantees only the best results for our clients. Our team is committed to connecting you with a manufacturer that is perfect for your business and can provide you with consistent quality products. We will also do our part in making sure that all products pass quality control and that there will be no delays in shipment. Since we have a warehouse located in China, we can ship orders directly from there which lessens the time of delivery.

When it comes to business, we know how hard it is to survive in the already saturated e-commerce industry. This is why hiring a trading company will help you focus on other aspects such as marketing to improve your presence on different online platforms. We aim to streamline your business processes so that you don’t have to deal with heavy workloads anymore.

It’s never too late to partner up with Lansil Global. Contact us today to experience the comfort your business well deserves.