Can you supply dropshippers?
Yes we can supply dropshippers, but we will need to buy stock of the products you sell.
What are the costs of working with you?
The cost depends on what we need to do for you. Fill out the form and let’s arrange a call.
Can you perform quality checks?
Yes we can perform quality checks, it’s one of the most important steps in the process.
Do you come in cheaper than Alibaba?
Yes we do come in cheaper than Alibaba.
Do you come in cheaper than Aliexpress?
Yes we do come in cheaper than Aliexpress.
Can you source any product?
Yes we can source any product, we have over 1000 factories we have dealt with and the list continues to grow.
How long does it take to brand my products?
It usually takes approx. 30 days for the first production run.
How long does shipping take from China?
Shipping from China takes approx. 12 days, we also have a USA warehouse.
Can you ship directly to Amazon?
Yes we can prep your Amazon goods in China and ship direct.
Can you offer credit terms?
Yes we can offer credit terms.


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